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Sit n' Go Casino Tournaments

At Sit n' Go tournaments players will start competing only when the minimum quota of participants is reached, as for examples some games will start when 4 players subscribe. Being set on fixed times, the game will start at a certain time for everyone and as well finish likewise. This is the main difference from Scheduled tournaments that can be completed in a set period; Sit n' Go tournaments require all the players to play along with the others.

How to Play

Platinum casino tournaments give you the chance to compete with players from different locations around the world in order to win the pot. At the end of the tournament, that player that has reached the highest value of his win box, which depends on the combination obtained, will get awarded with the whole pot. Hence the aim is for them to spin in order to get the best combinations to collect points in the win box.

Scheduled tournaments take place after the fixed time to subscribe passes, and players will know the result at the end; while sit n'go ones start when the requested amount of players have subscribed, and they know the result right after they finish to play.

What you have to do to take part in Free tournaments at Platinum Casino:

Click on Tournaments at Platinum casino lobby and choose the tournaments you'd like to join. You can choose among Classic or Video Slots, Video poker, table or other games, or all games.
Once you choose you will see which tournaments are available among those you selected, hence you can choose the Scheduled tournament you prefer. Please note that with the Register status, only one tournament can be joined.

Give a look at the tournament's details that will give you information like the overview, the players and the prizes, and the tournament's information.
At this point, you just need to press on Join and you'll be in. Choose the tournament you'd like to take part by double clicking and provide a nick name for yourself.

After confirmation, you will be given a specific amount of coins and a set time to play in the tournament.
Throughout the game, you will select your moves by using the Action button and you can't go back, so be sure you choose the right one.

The player who reaches the best value in his win box by the end of the tournament will be the winner and take the whole pot.