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Welcome to the section where you will know everything about platinum casino tournaments.
At Platinum casino we really care about giving our players the best experience they can get, and to do this we take advantage of the good technology provided by Saucify.

As taking part in tournaments is free, you can join the community of players and make huge wins whenever you like and enjoy the prizes you'll get from that! Doesn't it sound like more challenging?

  1. The Casino tournaments can be joined only by those players who subscribed to a tournament.
  2. The number of participants to a tournament depends on the rules of the one you choose, some tournaments accept a limited number of players.
  3.  Players have to play in the tournament till the end.
  4. If a player leaves the tournament before the end he cannot go back and he will lose the entry fee
  5. Players who don't go back in a tournament will forfeit the entry fee
  6. When a player subscribes to a tournament, he must log on the Casino, otherwise he will lose his entry fee the moment the tournament begins. The ending time of a tournament depends on its set time or when players finish the coins. If a tournament gets canceled, players are refunded with their entry fee.
  7.  For those players who are not connected when it's time to play, there will be no spinning of the slot on his behalf.
  8. If they reconnect in time to play in the tournament they can continue from there.
  9. Those who cannot reconnect will find their winning unvaried when they will reconnect
  10. If players make winnings out of a free tournament, they will be allowed to a maximum $100 withdrawal.


Among the platinum casino tournaments, players can decide to take part in the Scheduled Tournaments, which are those that happen at fixed times, so that players have a time limit also to register. This type of competition is for this who want to take part in specific tournaments that are pre-determined.

On top of that they guarantee that all the players win a prize, as they build up a pool of prizes that will be split in amounts depending on the ranking on the leader board at the end of the round. Throughout the tournament players have the chance to improve their positioning and re-purchase credits. It is important to note that tournaments can also last several days during which players can exit and re-enter to change their ranking, and when they do, they can also decide to buy credits to increase their playing power. Some tournaments foresee restricted re-buys for players to purchase.

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